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Re: Cybergold's patent for online incentives
From Pat Escalante at Swope Toyota on 26 August '98
adding to Re: Cybergold's patent for online incentives posted by Baz

>Apparently some of the bigger Incentive offering sites aren't too
worried. They claim that this type of patent is un-enforcible due
to the broad descriptions used in it.

Yes, but this could break an upstart type of site. Just to hire the
lawyer to respond and appear in court. I have only been online(well
except for university telnet) since 1995 but I have enjoyed seeing the
innovations and the office in the garage type sites and ideas proliferate
and expand. I truly think that this(patent of business models)
will lead to mega companies totally
controlling the internet and small businesses pushed out. At least
in the US. I am not sure how a patent law would effect other countries.
I mean what happened to building on great ideas? It will stifle any
type of ingenuity and creativity. Anyway, I don't know what this will
eventually mean for small businesses(I am obviously worried as that
is my focus)but it totally bummed me out. I mean Jim might you need to
start thinking about getting a patent out there for your referal by email,
free advice bulletin boards, and free advice guide to marketing?

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