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Re: Feedback appreciated!
From David on 27 August '98
adding to Feedback appreciated! posted by JT

>I have developed a site which is purely an on-line directory for the pipeline industry (www.pipedir.com). The problem I have is with promoting this site within the search engines because the site covers so many areas relating to the pipeline industry.
>To combat this I decided to develop a series of doorway pages which focus on specific keywords, i.e. oil pipelines, gas pipelines etc.
>I have adopted the techniques advised by you 'guys & gals' and submitted these pages to the search engines. I expected to receive excellent results, but I haven't. Is there anything wrong with my doorway page? Any advice would be much appreciated.

>A doorway page which focuses on the phrase - oil pipelines
>URL is - http://www.pipedir.com/oil/i.htm

I would refer you to a similar query, if not an identical one by yet another JT in the pipeline industry on 17 Aug.

Why not contact him for the davice he was given !!

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