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Re: Infoseek's ranking methods ??
From Gene Zimmer on 28 August '98
adding to Re: Infoseek's ranking methods ?? posted by David

>>Anyone out there have Infoseek figured out lately. When I search
>>a keyword relative to my pages, I get returns which have absolutely
>>no bearing on what I searched for! They formerly were the easiest
>>for me, but I have now practially given up!

>I have the same problem with Infoseek

>I have top 10 ratings for my keywords on all the Web Position search engines - except Infoseek

>I used to have a top ten with Infoseek, but that went about 6 weeks ago and I cannot establish it again.
>I do not think I am being penalised for spamming.

>The odd thing is that my pages are there, but do not come up when Infoseek is interrogated
>I have since had the problem with Infoseek on four other sites - all have top ten ratings on keywords
>with all other search engines

>I must admit, I had given up with Infoseek on all my sites. I thought I would give it three months without
>making any submissions on any site and see if they were re-integrated into the data base.

>I am glad to hear I am not the only one with this Infoseek problem

>I would be interested to hear if anyone has contacted them and if so what the response was



I too had #1 listings for primary keywords until about 6 weeks ago. At
that time Infoseek stopped using it's EPS (Extra Precision Search) feature.
I have emailed about this, and get replies with no real answer except that
they feel their new method is better. I notice the same thing - that
other pages come up higher which seem to have less relevancy. I suggest
we all simply keep emailing and telling them that AS CONSUMERS we feel
their engine is now much less useless and that we are using it less.
If they believe that they are getting less use with their search, then
maybe they will revert it to how it was before.

Keeping my fingers crossed.....


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