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Re: I Disagree
From Darryl at Anti Telemarketer on 28 August '98
adding to I Disagree posted by Jim

>>First off don't give away the refer-me before you get a referal.

>I used to think this too, but what happens in practice is that if
>you try to offer an incentive, people enter garbage just to get
>the freebie, so you end up with a mailbox full of bounced messages.
>I set it up specially so that the webmaster would get the
>undeliverables because I was sick of them clogging up my own mail
>system :)

>The moral: the only "incentive" you should give the user to recommend
>your site is by having a good site to recommend in the first place.

Good Point...and I know you have tons of experience, but at our site we offer free audio from CD we are selling. I would think that visitors would put false names to get to the freebie. Well so far everything looks okay. Although we have only used it for the month of august (about 6000 hits). I think Web Masters are a differnt breed ...they will do anything for free technology ! :)

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