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Re: No luck w/ yahoo
From Andrew Bartels at Bartels Stamp Company on 29 August '98
adding to Re: No luck w/ yahoo posted by bobking

I have had similar problems with Yahoo. I have been submitting my site since April, with never a reply nor a listing. The only way I can get listed is by appearing on SOMEONE ELSE'S links page, and having Yahoo drop out to an Alta Vista search that finds my site that way...

I don't know what they are or aren't doing, but so far I have had no results either.

Andrew Bartels

>Your page looks fine to me. My guess is your not hitting the right button
>in one of the suggest a site pages. I would recommend you re-submit being very careful
>about filling out all the correct feilds with all the correct info and maybe pointing
>out that the category (VERY IMPORTANT selecting the proper category) you would like to be
>included is not that big and that your site would greatly benefit anyone needing information
>about boat supplies.

>Another little tip would be to maybe make a page about boating safety (another area that is a little weak
>in my opinion) make the best page you can (linking back to your main page of course)
>and in the comments feild point out to Yahoo the fact that your page could
>save lives and be a very good contribution to the general well being of the internet at large.

>And no - if you didn't get in they won't notify you of s^%!

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