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Re: Serious Yahoo! Question
From David at Cornwall Calling on 29 August '98
adding to Serious Yahoo! Question posted by Donald Zvanut

>Two months back I added added my URL at Yahoo, under the catagory of
>Business and economy / products and services / jewelry / jewelers.
>Currently I have no listing at Yahoo but my server logs show I get
>hits from Yahoo. My search of Yahoo under the search keywords "gemstone
>jewelry" places me at site #84 of 103,855 . The listing is:
>Internat'l Orders - International Orders Gemstone Jewelry fully encourages international
> orders.Their will be no surcharge for using your international Visa, MasterCard or American
> Express. We ship overseas orders by 2nd day air. But normal shipment delays can occur...
> --http://www.gemstonejewelry.com/internat.htm
>This page is a deep info page dealing with international order info!
>My questions are
>1) How did this page get thier?
>2) Where are the rest of my pages?
>3) Can I expect shortly a "Full Yahoo listing"?
>4) Why this obsure page and not my others?
>5) Are the searchs at Yahoo run by some search engine that placed it their?
>6) Is their anything I can do to help in this situation?

>Dr. Donald Zvanut


If you pick up the free "Extreme" counter and put it on the page, then it will record the exact details of the hits from Yahoo

You just click on the details and you get taken to the original query, which is given like this, " http://search.yahoo.com/search?S=1&p=cornwall&m=i&n=10&h=s&b=24&hc=7&hs=217 ". That enables you to see exactly how they got you

There are a lot of weaknesses with the Extreme counter, but this in one very good feature


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