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Re: Free web hosting for Web Designers???
From Matt Jezorek on 29 August '98
adding to Re: Free web hosting for Web Designers??? posted by Rich George

>>I am setting up a Web Hosting business, we should have the T1 line up in a week or so. To promote the site I was thinking about giving Web Designers and developers free space and an account for their home page. In return they would sign their clients up with my business to host their client's home page.

>>What do you all think? Do a lot of other hosting companies do this?


>>P.S. I will post the site url as soon as we get the T1 up.

Lora I think this is a great idea and yes alot of new hosting companys offer incentives and offers to the few new people to author sights and advertise for you if you like i will be more than willing to do a sight and addvertise for you with a banner or something on each page or what ever you want with no problem okay, And GOOD LUCK to you i think you will make it no problem you can mail me at mjez@juno.com thanks look forward to hearing from you okay thanks


Matt Jezorek

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