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Re: I Disagree........Jim, Where do I get your script?
From galaca at Picture Tour of Haverhill, Massachusetts on 30 August '98
adding to I Disagree posted by Jim

>>First off don't give away the refer-me before you get a referal.

>I used to think this too, but what happens in practice is that if
>you try to offer an incentive, people enter garbage just to get
>the freebie, so you end up with a mailbox full of bounced messages.
>I set it up specially so that the webmaster would get the
>undeliverables because I was sick of them clogging up my own mail
>system :)

>The moral: the only "incentive" you should give the user to recommend
>your site is by having a good site to recommend in the first place.

Hi Jim,

I have been searching your site for the REFER-ME script. I can't seem to find it. I have also tried the link to the FTP area from your April 98 newsletter. Is the REFER-ME script still available?

Thanks for having a great site and for all your help, galaca

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