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Re: Using NOFRAMES Tag with a site using frames
From Pat Escalante at Swope Toyota on 30 August '98
adding to Using NOFRAMES Tag with a site using frames posted by Neil

> tag on a site with frames to get higher rankings on search engines.
Do search engines take note of the content within the noframes tag??

I do not know the answers to all of your questions. I do however
a framed page(note just one framed page) that was indexed
by some(not all) of the search engines. I included meta tags on all
of my pages but the frame page
and have a no frames tag on the one framed area. Somehow webcrawler
was able to index it though I haven't researched it fully. Infoseek has indexed
it as well. I would suggest you go to the search engine
research areas. I also submitted
each page that I had framed as they had the capability of standing
on their own as well as being within the frame.

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