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Re: accepting credit cards
From cardswipe@aol.com on 30 August '98
adding to Re: accepting credit cards posted by Baz

If you are looking for a low cost option for internet credit card processing email me your business type and your needs to cardswipe@aol.com. I'd be glad to do what I can for you. I am in electronic banking and have several low cost solutions for small businesses.

>>Does anybody else have experience, like Baz,
>>of setting up a merchant account in the USA?
>>The more hoops you had to jump through, the
>>more interested I'd be.


>Hi Jim

>From what I have learn't so far, once you have a company incorporated in the US then setting up a merchant account in the USA for Internet commerce is
>actually easier than here in the UK (they don't seem to have
>the "fears" of UK Banks).

>However you do need the following:

>Company incorporated in USA, with USA address and contact.
>(for those in the UK - there are a number of companies who will incorporate a company and have their address as the companies registered address, for a charge!!)
>When you incorporate you will need to get hold of a Federal Tax code. With this you can go to an internet friendly bank
>(Wells Fargo - I have heard is quite good) and open a Company bank account.
>And then you can request a Merchant account.

>- At this point Baz (exhausted and counting his pennys) gives up and signs up with Netbanx.

>If anyone has anymore info, or shortcuts - let me know please.
>I am growing increasingly frustrated with the UK Banking system and am eager to move my
>company "Off-Country" so to speak.

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