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Re: html tables
From Max at Maximaniac's Marketing Madness on 31 August '98
adding to html tables posted by Darin

>Messing around with a site these days usually requires a lot of
>tables. Here's my problem: I get a table formated just perfectly
>with graphics and text. And then my boss, who runs in large fonts,
>cruises by and it breakse my beautifully mortissed graphics, and
>otherwise makes the page look like hell. The simple solution is
>to run a -1 font size so in case a "huge font looker" shows up it
>doesn't ruin your appearance, but some engines think that text is
>spam. Has anyone solved this?

Forget all that pixel tweaking and learn to create
pages where the elements CAN shift without ruining the
meaning. The reality of Web pages is that the user will
NOT see what you see, except by accident, so the designers
have to adapt to it.
If you came out of paper-based graphics design, you have to
give up a lot of what you were taught and learn design techniques
that can deliver the content with a minimum of ugly pages.

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