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a few ideas
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 01 September '98
adding to My window page needs your critique!!! posted by Bradley

try changing the name of http://members.aol.com/Fundraise/index2.htm, get rid of the "2" after "index". many of the search engings are savy to the programs that "generate" duplicate" or "mirror" pages, and most of them do this by adding a number to the end page address (try "indextwo"). as far as i know, only alta vista will still index pages like that (i got a ton of them still in AV that were generated by Jim's "The Promotion Artist" over a year ago, but they've disapeared from all the other SE's)

problem is though, as i understand it, Alta Vista will only index a max of 600 pages from anyone domain (hey, I read that on this site :). many of the SE's are now not indexing sites from free domains. ie. geocities, angelfire, tripod etc. i havent heard though about pages from aol

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