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Re: My window page needs your critique!!!
From Max at My place on 01 September '98
adding to My window page needs your critique!!! posted by Bradley

I would add these words:

... charity charitable non-profit nonprofit organization projects project non-profits, schools, churches, fraternities, and sororities ...

to your keywords so anyone looking for "school fund raising projects"
will see your page. You will show up too often with the sites that
are raising investment funds for businesses with your current words. and you
will be way down the list if I look for "charity fundraisers" because
charity is not a keyword.

The complicated layout, with all the table code, has shoved any text way down
the page, from a robot's point of view. Look at your source code,
and if you don't see keyword loaded content within the first few lines,
redesign the page.

>What can I do to improve things. I think I have high keyword density (especiall in the second one),
>but I don't see any results. The competition doesn't have very sophisticated programming (I look at their source code), but they seem to get higher results than me. What are your suggestions????

"Please Click here to view all the different products" -
Make the clickable link on the words "fundraising products"

There should be a list of books, but there is no link from "fundraising books"
to anything.

>Is one of my problems being on a members.aol.com address?
Yes ... perhaps moving to a place where you can be "charityfunds.com"
would help.

You need to create content about raising funds, tell people how to get local
publicity for their fundraiser, etc. Right now you have very little
worth bookmarking - do some research and create the content and then
youb can ask for links from sites where amateur fundraisers are likely
to hang out ... any site with parents of school children is a good place
for links AFTER you get something useful to them.

Your message board needs to be moderated. You have ads for home-based businesses,
Beanie Babie tag protectors, etc ...

Also having vultures scavenge clients from YOUR board is NOT helping
you either. Every request for help brings the same reply: HIRE ME AND I'LL
MAKE TONS OF $$$ FOR YOU and I don't think that's what you had in mind.
If you publicise the board as a place for schools and churches to
discuss THEIR non-professional fundraising activities, and somehow defend the
email addresses and keep the vultures at bay, it would attract the kind of
audience that you need.

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