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Re: Yahoo! doesn't use Alta Vista as alternative search
From ragegirl at WarOFgod on 01 September '98
adding to Yahoo! doesn't use Alta Vista as alternative search posted by John

>Yep. You heard right. Yahoo! doesn't given the option of going to Alta Vista in there search tab thingy. That really sucks, because i am relying on that altavista tab.
>I have a question about that new indexing system Yahoo! is using. Does it acknowledge META tags? Has Yahoo! gone to that relm now? I think not because on Alta vista, I searched for my home page with the key word "final fantasy viii strategy", and poof! Top 8 listings, but in yahoo!, no where to be found.
>Someone please pigure out how yahoo! indexes these new pages in their "Web Pages" area.....
They do have give u the option or whatever ur talking about..?

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