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Re: This guy owns excite for adult keywords, how?
From Darryl on 13 July '98
adding to This guy owns excite for adult keywords, how? posted by Jason

>If you do a search under playboy on excite or pam anderson, or just about anything this same guy who has tons of different domains comes up with a page that just says click here. He even has a page where he says "I own excite". He spams excite with pages that the paragraphs make no sense. Then if you click to his page he has no source code that shows any of his descriptions.

>For the keyword "playboy" he owns sites 2-9, and non of his pages show any source code.

>Anyone know how he does this?

I had a web page I am designing as an presentation page. I did not want it listed with the search engines. In other words it was for one company specificly But those stupid excite robots came snoopin around my Isp and listed a couple pages. And they came up on the first page. I was shocked. But luckily they were deleted. So I would easily conclude that Excite has no organization. They come in ...invited or not and list you however they are desiged to list you. When ever I do get the chance to list my first page with Excite and the others...I probably will have no luck with Excite.I am sure they will have some structure in the future. They have to, to compete with the other engines.

Hope that help!

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