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Re: Keeping Pages Private
From Max on 01 September '98
adding to Re: Keeping Pages Private posted by Nicholas

>Robots.txt files unfortunately show nosy visitors the names
>of private files.
It only shows them the directory, and if you put an index.htm
file in there that leads nowhere, that's as far as they can get.

For cheap fun, create an empty directory named "passwords"
and watch the crackers go nuts trying to steal your files.

>Can you do a better job of hiding files
>by just putting them -- unlinked -- in any directory containing
>an index.html file?

That also works ... the only way any robot will find it
is by following a link. It's the same as

>Or is there a way to get past an index.html file, and view the
>directory contents?
There is, I've seen it done, and it's probably illegal.

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