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Re: Max....Please expand on the
From Max on 01 September '98
adding to Re: Max....Please expand on the posted by Galaca

>Max wrote:
>> The complicated layout, with all the table code, has shoved any text way down the page, from a robot's point of view.

>Max, could you expand on what you mean by a complicated layout,
with all the table code?
Do a "view source" on that site ...

>My site: www.members.mva.net/galaca/haverhill.html

Do a "view source" on your page and see how many times you have to
page down before you actually see any of the text with your content.
Yours isn't as complicated as some that have nested tables, but
remember that the robots rate text in the order they find it, and
they also rank text according to the tags it has ... if your title
was a H1 instead of a H2 it would carry more weight. And if your
introductory paragraph were immediately after the H1 and not
following the three links ... text immediately after a H1 is assumed
to be important, and you are putting the wrong stuff in the powerful
spot. By the time the robot gets to the intro, it's several paras
away from the heading, so that text isn't as influential as you want
it to be. On the other hand, the words "Add a Link" got some high

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