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Re: ASPs
From Baz on 02 September '98
adding to ASPs posted by Sean

>Hi all,

>Can I scrounge some technical advice from you all? I am keen to learn a programming language for writing ASP scripts. So far I have been advised to learn VBScript if I want to do this, and consider JScript as well if I want to develop for client-side.

Yep - Thats about right. As ASP's are Microsofts Baby, and run on Microsoft Information Server - your best bet is in fact VB Script for the server side of stuff (as well as being a lot easier, IMHO, to program in and link to Activex objects for accessing databases, send email etc...

Client side, Javascript, if you want your pages accesible on the widest number of browsers. Though to be honest, I am not sure on the current situation with Netscape and VB script. Any one know?

It would make sense to just learn a single language and use it on both the client and server sides. But heh, such is life...

>Jim/ Max/ other experts, what do you think? I don't want to make a huge mistake because of ignorance. Can you guide me to any useful info/ resources on the Net which you have found useful? Being a complete novice to this, all help/ comments/ criticisms will be gratefully appreciated. Honest!

ASPs - Microsofts site has some useful information and downloadable documents, as well as some stuff on Jscript (Microsofts version of Javascript).

I would assume Netscape has info on Javascript - however I haven't found any yet.

>Greetings from (unbelievably) sunny London!

Give it a week and we'll be up to our necks in Snow :)


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