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Re: Max....Please expand on the
From Galaca at Haverhill, Massachusetts Community Information and Guide on 02 September '98
adding to Re: Max....Please expand on the posted by Max

>>Max wrote:
> Do a "view source" on that site ...

>>My site: www.members.mva.net/galaca/haverhill.html

>Do a "view source" on your page and see how many times you have to
>page down before you actually see any of the text with your content.
>Yours isn't as complicated as some that have nested tables, but
>remember that the robots rate text in the order they find it, and
>they also rank text according to the tags it has ... if your title
>was a H1 instead of a H2 it would carry more weight. And if your
>introductory paragraph were immediately after the H1 and not
>following the three links ... text immediately after a H1 is assumed
>to be important, and you are putting the wrong stuff in the powerful
>spot. By the time the robot gets to the intro, it's several paras
>away from the heading, so that text isn't as influential as you want
>it to be. On the other hand, the words "Add a Link" got some high

Thank you Max for your quick response......

I took your suggestions and redsigned the beginning text of the the site. Do you now suggest rebmitting to the search engines or waiting for their robots to show up?

Thanks again, Galaca (aka Webmaster5)

PS: If anyone would like to see the "before version" of this site to see how I incorporated Max's suggestions, here is the URL: www.members.mva.net/galaca/haverhill_pre_max.html
I will leave it up for a few days.

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