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Re: Keeping Pages Private
From Max on 02 September '98
adding to Re: Keeping Pages Private posted by Nicholas

>>>Or is there a way to get past an index.html file, and view the
>>>directory contents?
>> There is, I've seen it done, and it's probably illegal.

>Yeah, but done. Does it take NSA-grade skills, or 14-year-old hackers?

Pony-tailed, pot-bellied aging-hippie UNIX-guru skills :)

It helps if the target's server is running something with
known security holes that haven't been patched and if you have
the entire command set memorized. I'm not sure there was
much of a security plan on the other end of the snooping.

Your basic teen hacker with a dialup can't get near the
services they need to do this sort of stuff.

>PS. Your site; your Latin needs work; ergo, ipso, facto.
Hey, my Latin is perfectomundo. My Urdu sux. And I told
you not to look behind the curtain, didn't I?

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