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Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please)
From Max on 02 September '98
adding to We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please) posted by michael

>I work in the publishing dept. of Body Electric, Inc. and we
>just set up our 'virtual mall'.

You have very little visible content ... remember that the
search engines cannot tell what you have in your image maps
or your pictures.

The site wastes the first two pages: the main URL has that large
graphic and no infromation about what you are or what your products
are ... the second page has nothing but that big image map ...
the third click got me to a page with just a couple of big
images, (I had images off, pretending to be a search engine.)

Whan someone follows a URL, you MUST give them enough inbformation
on the first screen they see to convince them NOT to click
the "back" button on the browser. Few people will click
three or more levels into a site in hopes of finding something
useful. If the front page doesn't IMMEDIATELY show what the
site has and how useful it will be, the typical visotor is GONE
from there.

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