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Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please)
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 03 September '98
adding to Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please) posted by Max

Hi, Max...

Thanks for your honest critique of the Body Electric Mall, though I am surprised someone of your 'calibre' missed
the cloaked text in the opening page. Remember: a search engine *reads* a page, it doesn't *see* it.

However, I do agree about a tacit point made in regard to images. I'm in a bit of a quandry here, as the
owners want a very 'flashy' page with lots of imagery. I feel it still takes a bit too long to get to the
meat of the page (though with the parameters I was given, I feel the content is quite accessable).

I've been mulling that over for a couple months now. While we're in a unique position--our site gets tons
of referrals from independent reps, and that's why we get so many hits...I'd prefer it if the site was
a bit cleaner in terms of architecture. I agree with your point about getting to the meat of the site earlier,
now I just have to find a way to do that without compromising the 'look' my bosses want.


thanks again,
Webmaster, www.body-electric.com

>You have very little visible content ... remember that the
>search engines cannot tell what you have in your image maps
>or your pictures.

>The site wastes the first two pages: the main URL has that large
>graphic and no infromation about what you are or what your products
>are ... the second page has nothing but that big image map ...
>the third click got me to a page with just a couple of big
>images, (I had images off, pretending to be a search engine.)

>Whan someone follows a URL, you MUST give them enough inbformation
>on the first screen they see to convince them NOT to click
>the "back" button on the browser. Few people will click
>three or more levels into a site in hopes of finding something
>useful. If the front page doesn't IMMEDIATELY show what the
>site has and how useful it will be, the typical visotor is GONE
>from there.

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