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Dropped/Kicked/Banned from Hotbot ?
From John on 14 July '98
A while ago we did the usual submit round to all SE's
when we launched our new adult site.

To our big surprise we got a 5th position in Hotbot at
our targeted keyword. Thanks to all the good information
found in this board, I said. So content is the king after all.
No spamming or no dirty tricks.

My surprise was very big yesterday when I found that our
domain after 5 weeks suddenly was no longer in the database.
Dropped from 5th to not present.....

Is this normal ?

We did no big changes to the site, just updated some
banners and such. And no submit from the initial one.

Can it be that a competitor has spammed Hotbots add url
form with our domain, just to get us kicked out ?
(Hmmm, I get paranoid from this ...)

Any good suggestions ?

I also noticed that all the hits we got from Goto.com
disappeared at the same moment. I never understood
why we got so many hits from this site, we never did
anything to get listed there (never found out how,
besides from paying for it).

Are these guys the same, just a different front end ?

For the record: I submitted again once I found out
that we were no longer present. Assuming it's an error.

Thanks for any clues.


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