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Re: I tried everything I know?
From Max on 04 September '98
adding to I tried everything I know? posted by David

>I built a web site for a client at http://www.tijuanaflats.com.
>It utilizes a secure online shopping cart to sale hot sauces.

>I submitted it to all the search engines over 3 weeks ago and
still many are not listing it or have it way down for key word
'hot suace'.

Many of the listings above yours are NOT competitors ... they are
pages dedicated to reviewing hot sauce, praising it, or posting
recipes that use it. Check these pages out, find several that have
lots of links pointing towards them, and have your client send them
a bottle of their finest hot sauce with a request for a review and
a reciprocal link. If the sites are directories of hot-sauce related
sites, ask them to include your URL.
Have the client participate in some of these forums (look them
up in DejaNews) with the http://www.tijuanaflats.com address in
their signature.

>I know some engines take a while (hey I got on Yahoo in 1 week),
>but are the search engines taking unusually slow these days.

Yes, they are a bit backlogged.

However, take no notice of that chap promising to sell you
"traffic" - many of those firms merely harvest newsgroups for
addresses, assuming that because one posts in alt.barbequeue.cows
that you would be interested in getting ads for a website about
BBQ sauce. Their marketing page did not mention how they got
these "targeted" visitors - but I'm dubious.
Go to postmasterdirect.com and see about sending an email ad to
people who have actually signed up to get ads about things -
and I bet chiles and hot sauce is one of the options. For $0.15
a name you can get the same effect, for a better price.

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