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Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please)
From Max on 04 September '98
adding to Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please) posted by michael

>Hi, Max...

>Thanks for your honest critique of the Body Electric Mall, though I am surprised someone of your 'calibre' missed
>the cloaked text in the opening page.

I saw it, and it does nothing to help you keep human visitors. The "hidden
keyword" trick stopped working quite a while ago with the search robots.
the are smart enough to spot font color tags and check for cnocentrations
of keywords in teeny fonts or fonts that are very close to the background color:

BODY BGCOLOR="#020202"
FONT COLOR="000000" SIZE=-3

OK - it's teeny, and each of the RGB values is only 2 away from the background
color ... it's detectable and probably will get you penalized.
Stuffing the ALT text full of keywords doesn;t work any more, if it
ever did.

>I've been mulling that over for a couple months now. While we're in a unique position--our site gets tons
>of referrals from independent reps, and that's why we get so many hits...I'd prefer it if the site was
>a bit cleaner in terms of architecture. I agree with your point about getting to the meat of the site earlier,
>now I just have to find a way to do that without compromising the 'look' my bosses want.


The customer is NOT always right. They hired you for your design
expertise, your ability to design and construct a site that works
for them as a sales tool ... when what they want gets in the way
of what they need, it's the consultant's job to keep them aimed at
the goal, and to point out how doing it their way will hurt the site's
navigability, and make it less attractive for visitors.

>>If the front page doesn't IMMEDIATELY show what the
>>site has and how useful it will be, the typical visotor is GONE
>>from there.

Go to http://www.intel.com and notice how much "glitz" they
seem to have (it's deceptive - many small graphics, lots of them
reused on lower pages, are flashier looking tham a single big
image) AND how their front page has something for every possible
kind of visitor - links lead them directly to the content they
came for.

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