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I need your advice...
From Eddie on 14 July '98
The web master for some of the sites i will be promoting is currently
redesigning those sites. These sites are segmented in nature, ie they
all link to each other, one domain per section, with a central domain
that explains a bit about the company and what it does, and links to
each of the individual sections. What he wants to do, temporarilly, is
point all the domains at the centrall account, so people will still
see all the main points of his businesses, he also wants me to carry
on promoting the sites during this time.

I have explained that due to lack of content on the central site,
relitive to each individual section, his listings would not be as good
or even there, as if they pointed to each individual section, but as
far as he is concerned its a start so he wants me to begin promotion
anyway! Ok so if he wants to throw cash at me with a gaurentee that
the results, if any, untill he finishes the work and points the
separate domains back to their individual sections will be poor thats
fine by me...

What im worried about is that the search engines may just say "Hey
those are mirrored pages!" and just completely ban those domains...

Is this fear unfounded?
Am i completely paranoid?
Where did this guy come from?
Has anyone got any spare clients like him!

Lost as always, so please help out...
From Eddie.

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