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Re: Your Suggestions on How to Sell a Domain Name
From Max on 04 September '98
adding to Your Suggestions on How to Sell a Domain Name posted by Maria C.

>Realizing the domain name, www.sexxpot.com, is limiting my desire
>to sell other items unrelated to sex, I want to sell it asap.
Consider keeping sexxpot.com (move it to he.net where they have
a cheap webhosting service) and establish a new domain for the
other products. If you have name recognition it's foolish to
throw it away. You can use links on sexxpot.com to aim people at the
new site with the other products, and find a few bits of erotica to
sell on sexxpot.

>Also, when I obtain a new name, will I have to resubmit to the search
> engines and directories to point to the new name
Yes, you will. And you can't just up and change domains without a
hassle. If you want to get rid of sexxpot.com I suggest this:
FIRST establish the new site, copy the content, register it, and then
notify all the places that link to you about the move.
THEN put redirects on all the pages to send your traffic to the new site
for a couple months.
ONLY THEN sell the name ... I'm imagining someone using an old bookmark
or link and landing on the new owners site and not finding the
cookbook they thought they were going to find. You can lose a lot of
business that way.

Commentary - you would have much better luck if the HTML was valid
and the keywords weren't all caps.
Also - something you are doing crashes my HTML4.0 compliant browser -
I think it's the illegal use of the META http-equiv= tag that does it.

META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="A SexPot Cookbook: an adult cookbook with sexy recipes and titillating drawings to satisfy varied appetites">
Good description!
META http-equiv="recipes cookbooks"
This is NOT what this field is for
META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Site Technologies QuickSite Version 2.5.3">
META NAME="QuickSite Border" CONTENT="tlb, default"
TITLE>A SexPot Cookbook
I think "classification" is for the content of the site in terms of G, PG, R or XXXX (but I may be wrong on this one)
Keywords work MUCH better when all in lowercase and with a space after the commas

If you think these are valid comment tags, they aren't, and if you think
that search robots index comments, they don't.

And if you wanted to design a page whose contents are as invisible
to the robots as possible, you did it.

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