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Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please)
From Nick at StarFish Graphics on 04 September '98
adding to Re: We Got Our Mall up and Running...(critique please) posted by Max

Here are a couple comments I have after viewing your page...
First, although the index page looked very nice, it didn't tell much information or offer products about your site. While some people might say, "oooh" because of the nice looking graphic, many more, it seems, are looking for the content.

Also, on your index page, I noticed that, at the very bottom, the page was loaded with very small keywords. The search engines might penalise your site for this. And I'd try not to load the alt tags with keywords -- I'm not sure how much it really does, and someone surfing with their graphics turned off doesn't want to see a bunch of keywords, they want to see a short description of the image...

Finally, on your Light Graphics section of the site, it seemed very bright. I don't think the best background/color scheme choice would be blue and red -- it made me squint and want to get out of there very quickly! Somewhere on this site, it has a little statistic that says white and black sell the best.....

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