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Re: I need your advice...
From Brainwipe on 14 July '98
adding to I need your advice... posted by Eddie

>Is this fear unfounded?
>Am i completely paranoid?
>Where did this guy come from?
  Dunno, but I want one :-)
>Has anyone got any spare clients like him!
  See above!

  To the best of my knowladge, you will not be penalized for
having multiple URL's pointing at the same thing. You will
realy be wasting your time if you work on getting ratings
with anything other than the main URL though.

  However, what I dont know is if you have several links
coming off the site to other satalite sites when the bot
follows them it will find itself looking at the same data
all over again, run round in loads of little circles and
probably collapse exhausted!!!

Hope it helped!

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