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Re: Your Suggestions on How to Sell a Domain Name
From Max on 05 September '98
adding to Re: Your Suggestions on How to Sell a Domain Name posted by Maria C.

>Many thanks for your commentary...I promptly corrected as many Meta tag faux pas as possible but am still puzzled on your last comment:

It's still crashing Amaya - I'll try a validator on it to see if
there is anything strange. Most browsers are pretty tolerant,
but Amaya is deliberately strict about what it accepts. It crashes
a lot.

You do have a [P] tag trying to enclose the first [TABLE] ... that might
be the problem. Actually, there are stray [P] marks in many places that
are illegal.
/TD P /TR is invalid. Inside a table, everything has to be
between the TR and /TD tags. It might be your page creating program
producing bad HTML.

>>And if you wanted to design a page whose contents are as invisible
>>to the robots as possible, you did it.

Many search engines evaluate the text on a page according to its
HTML tags ... their program logic looks for tags that indicate part of
the text is more important than another. The effect of this is
ADDITIVE, like piling weights on a scale.

Here's the approximate heirarchy, based on the way SGML (the parent
of HGML) text indexing rks:

H1 .... THROUGH H3 in descending order

(these MAY outrank the last 3 headings)
Table heading contents outrank TD contents
List heading contents outrank LI contents
The tag for an illustration title (duh, forgot what that is)
is fairly high ranking, under the assumption that the
figure is important to the page.

H4 through H6 in descending order

TD, LI, P, and the various other "text" tags are equal weight, but
any text immediately after a header outweighs text further from
the header, and tags of equal rank are weighed by which is closer
to the beginning of the file. With HTML, text used as a link is
weighted higher than the same words without the link.

So, your page which contains no H tags at all, gives the search robots
no way except lineally, to evaluate your pages.

The maximum "weight" for a site is constructed by making sure the
TITLE, META keywords, and the H1 all contain the critical keywords.
The H1 should be as close to the BODY tag that begins the visible
part of the page as you can get it ... look at the source to see how
close it is.
Immediately follow the H1 with a paragraph that repeats the keywords
in a brief introduction to the site.
Use H2 to create the links to the various parts of the site, and use
the keywords relevant to the sub-sections in the H2 tags. Also, follow
every H2 header/link with a brief paragraph that explains what the
link leads to. Of course you repeat the keywords relevant to that section.

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