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Re: web space isp
From Ed Parker on 05 September '98 at 20:09
adding to web space isp posted by fab on 15 October '97 at 08:02

How about 100MB for $10 a month?


>if you know of a good cheap web-hosting
>company please lemme know.

>by now i have the following:
>100mb space
>3t connection
>10 email-accounts
>nt-server, can use nearly everything, asp,
>cold fusion, cgi
>payable with cc

>this one is ok, really cheap imo, but
>1. sometimes the connection is slow
>2. they are really busy, if you want something
> you'll have to wait.

>so if you know of a faster server, with about
>the same services, but shure a bit more expensive,
>please lemme know.

>thanx, fab

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