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How do you "swap" a site in the search engines?
From Nicholas on 14 July '98
I'm putting up a thoroughly redesigned site for one of my domains,
with all new pages using .shtml extensions. I'm wondering if this
sequence makes sense:

1. Replace www.mycompany.com/index.html with www.mycompany.com/index.shtml
on my server.

2. Add www.mycompany.com/*.shtml pages to my server.

3. Submit all the new *.shtml pages to the SEs.

4. Convert the old *.html pages to one-way bridge pages leading to the
new index.shtml.

5. Wait a month, pull down all the old *.html pages, and resubmit them to the SEs.

(External links to my site all go to the index page, so no problem there.)

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