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Re: credit card processing
From Baz on 07 September '98
adding to credit card processing posted by Wayne

Check out Jim Favourites for more details on this subject, or do a search of the archives....

Otherwise check out the following website:


For a Looonnnngg list of clearance houses. Live on-line checking is probably safest to go with as, these give you "some" protection against fraud by checking with a clearing bank in case the card is stolen, etc..

Real Time Commerce is good (as Jim will prob testify) for the US, other than that don't have much practical experience as I use UK based companies.

If you have a merchant account with your bank (ie. Can accept credit cards off-line) then you can expect the fund to be in your bank within a week. If not, and you can't get an account, you'll need to set up a bureau account with the clearance house, and this will mean a wait of about 30 days for the money to get into you account.

Hope this helps

>Does anyone have any reccomendations for a good credit card processing outfit that does US companies
>and businesses? Also, the ones to stay away from.
>What is a typical turnaround from order to getting a check from these companies?

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