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Another Yahoo ...yes
From Orlando Lanzini on 07 September '98
Surprise surprise,another question about Yahoo:I read thorough
all of the FAQ ,archives etc. and I could find the answer,maybe I
just didn'see it.
So here we are:in the first page of the subscription form
(site information)they (Yahoo team)say :
"Use the official business name for the title of a commercial site."
Now,the name of my company is "orla" (it's the real name) but,since
it'already registerd at Internic,I chose "stratamedia.com"
just to be a bit more on the way(I work in music and multimedia).
Back to Yahoo:which name have I to use in their form?
The site I'm going to set up will have an upfront "Stratamedia"
logo and a small one in the top left showing "Orla":the concept
should be:Stratamedia is an idea from Orla publishing.
My excuse to all of you for this long mail and misspelled english.
Jim,I think you are doing a great work .Thank you


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