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Re: Max: To comma or not to comma
From Max on 07 September '98
adding to Max: To comma or not to comma posted by Geoffrois Baron Of Berks

>I think you are right about no commas in Keywords Lists.
>What about in titles?
I've never tested it.

>Also, was the no commas in Keywords Lists and then some words with
>commas question ever reseloved, in so far as whether the robots
>have the smarts to realize they are now to shift into comma mode,
>and not read the words following the commas as "one big word?"

Robots have no smarts!
There is no way to program a text reader to do that ... either you have
"comma delimited" string or you don't. If you stick a comma into the string,
all the words will be treated as if they should be "comma delimited"
and the words between commas will become phrases. "partly comma delimited"
is like partly pregnant ... not possible.

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