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Re: International Search Engines
From John at Homeowners Resource Net on 07 September '98
adding to Re: International Search Engines posted by Darryl

>>Is there any advantage to registering to the international search
>>engines locations that Excite and others have all over the world,
>>or are they all using the same database anyway?

>Some of them will probably have you listed. Run your keywords through the english speaking one. If you want to go foreign than there are services that will convert your html text to other languages for a monthly fee (about 100 bucks) . I would say work on the english speaking countries first. Unless you have aready saturated the english speaking part of the internet. I don't think so.... start here if still interested in other languages... http://www.comprende.globalink.com

If your looking for international search engines check out http://www.proseek.net you have a choice of about 300 engines around the world many of which are english.

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