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Re: Reciprocal links
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketing on 14 July '98
adding to Reciprocal links posted by Rafael

>I have been working on my site for about four months, it has been quite an experience. Now I would like to get reciprocal links, but have no idea on how to proceed or even what type of sites I should be link to.
>Thank You.

The best way to understand reciprocal links is to compare it to a regular business (non internet). Reciprocal links is the same as goping to any business and asking if you can display your business cards on their counter and you doing the same for them. Basicly you have to surf, surf, surf , surf and then surf some more to find links that are drawing boat traffic. It's not easy but what business is...
You should always be surfing...and checking back with boat sites. If you find a couple of good ones, they may be good for displaying banner ads. There is always new business coming on the internet, that is why you need to surf all the time. I know some succesful sites that just paid people to surf. I had one problem with your site. I am a dummy and could not figure out how to get in. Even though I seen the "click here"...You need to change that to "click here to enter" You have to make it dummy proof.
If I came upon your site and had the problem again I would go somewhere else.

Hope that helps

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