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Re: Would appreciate a review of my site
From Donald Zvanut at Gemstone Jewelry on 07 September '98
adding to Would appreciate a review of my site posted by Becky

Interesting topic. This is an information site you are selling info.
I think the front page needs alot more sparkle to it. Currently it has
all this copy that people realy don't want to read and a few links to
the inside pages. On the main page could reccommend the following:
1) Freebies , people love free items call it that with a click to
link to your inside pages.
2) Flashly graphics I think will grab your readers attention and get them to
continue with you.
3) Pictures on the front page.
4) Maybe a button bar for easy site navigation.
This is only a partial list.
Your site would be a fun one to develope.
Dr. Donald Zvanut

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