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Re: Would appreciate a review of my site
From Nick at StarFish Graphics on 07 September '98
adding to Would appreciate a review of my site posted by Becky

>My site isn't getting as many visitors as I would like, as I am having
>trouble getting registered with some of the search engines.

I'm not sure if this will affect anything, but it's worth a shot...while i was glancing over your source code, i noticed that your meta keywords were not separated by spaces...this might not affect anything, but it couldn't hurt by putting spaces between them...

>I am getting about 6-7 visitors per day and have not had one single

i believe it was Jim who said that web surfers are very hasty people...supposedly, they don't like to read a lot, so why make them? since you do have a lot of text on your site, i would recommend 'trimming' it down, or if you have to have it all, put something simplistic between some paragraphs, such as a colored horizontal rule...

also, i would make some kind of navigation bar and put it close to the top of the page...that way, the web surfers that aren't interested in reading can click on a hyperlink without scrolling halfway down the page...

if anyone disagrees with any of the tips i've given, it appreciate it if you reply to this message -- it would benefit everyone!!!

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