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Re: Would appreciate a review of my site
From Darryl on 08 September '98
adding to Would appreciate a review of my site posted by Becky

>My site isn't getting as many visitors as I would like, as I am having
>trouble getting registered with some of the search engines. However,
>I am getting about 6-7 visitors per day and have not had one single

>If anyone would be interested in visiting the site and telling me what
>you think could be improved, I would be very grateful to hear it.

>The URL is:

>Thank you!

There's nothing wrong with information, But when I or anyone else comes through the front door , you better have something there to grab me and pull me in. You need more content. If the content is good people will read it. Use Jim site as an example, they give tons of free info and advice. All the content the content that they have shows that they know what they are talking about(Jim and Max heads a swelling). Now if I wanted to use the services of a site promoter...I think Jim and Max would be at the top of the list.

Your site does not convince me that you are good at what you do. Definitly need navigation bar...I almost missed your click me's. Instead of email coaching, I would offer personal chat...use ICQ Chat for your coaching room. If I used your service I would like the live one on one via chat. don't worry about traffic until you get content. People who come now will leave. Give free useful info and gradually poor on the sales. Read this whole site and you will see how Jim got me to buy most of his software.

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