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big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.?
From Jochen Binikowski at Ships-in-Bottles, internet maritime shop on 08 September '98
Since I am an "Amateur" webdesigner I like to ask the experts for advise. Is it possible to have a large selection of items on a mail-order homepage without using scripts etc.? I tried to do so. The page gets now more than 150 hits a week (both, english and german main pages, about 1.200 hits including all subpages) and, more important, already orders. Not too bad, but I hope it could be more.
I tried to make my site as easy as possible to navigate and to minimise loading times. The site is already profitable but that is due to the fact that I did not payed a fortune to a webdesigner.
What I like to know is if you have any ideas how to improve the design. I think there are many other people within this message board who like to learn more about sufficient webdesign, like me.
I guess they have the same problem than me: they consider the work on their homepage as part of their regular business, not as a hobby. So they have limited time but good products or services to sell at internet while there are excellent web-experts who have nothing to sell but spending a lot of time and efforts in order to create perfect private homepages.
Possibly that is a waste of talent. Why not to combine the efforts and talents? Without money involved?
If one will have a nice idea on how to improve my site, please have a look to my products and tell me what you love. If I gain from your ideas you may expect to receive a small parcel...
Regards from Hamburg, Germany

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