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Thanks guys
From Becky at Ask the Coach on 08 September '98
adding to Would appreciate a review of my site posted by Becky

My sincerest thanks to all who offered advice on my site.
I am taking each item one by one and making adjustments.

The need for a navigation bar was unanimously expressed, so that's my
top priority.

I've been trying to add a chat room, as suggested by Darryl, but the
installation is giving me fits. I'm trying to install Everychat because
it's lightning fast, free and simple to use. It is not, however, simple
to install so I'll probably look into ICQ Chat as suggested.

Regarding my keywords, I don't know where I got the idea that there
should be no spaces between the words, but I plan to hastily add
spaces. That could explain my dismal rankings.

As for the freebies, the site does offer a free coaching session, but
I don't think I've shown that prominently enough.

Thanks, again, Donald, Nick and Darryl for your time and advice.


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