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Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.?
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 09 September '98
adding to big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.? posted by Jochen Binikowski

ok, i'll bite. i could use a boat in a bottle on the mantle *L*

the tiny text is hell on my eyes on that background

i like the use of frames for navigation

but i think the "dead" links should be removed (makes the site look incomplete

get rid of the "last updated" stuff. you may have a great selling item and not change the page for years. but to me it looks like your not improving the site and what im looking at is real old.

i hate having to click a name to see the picture. id prefer to see a thumbnail of the product first to help me decide if i want more info.

now your turn to look at my site :-) hey, on the first page is the address to send the "small parcel" to *L*

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