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Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.?
From Jochen Binikowski at Ships-in-Bottles on 09 September '98
adding to Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.? posted by kudeck

Dear Kudeck and Andrew,
thank's a lot for your suggestions. I can agree with all of your hints and I updated the main page of the english version already. But there are still some questions:
1. I tried to make a thumbnail, size 100x60. It is almost 7 KB. I separated the price list already into 4 parts. If there will be about 40 thumbnails per sub-pricelist, that amounts to 280 KB. I wonder if the loading time will be accebtable. Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?
2. I am also not happy with the buttons of the navigation bar. Hard to read. My headache is the long text that must fit into a size of 100. I made the buttons with paint shop pro. The only advantage is the small size, less than 300 bytes. Do you have any suggestions? Before I had the buttons there was just the linked text. I think now it looks better but not yet perfect.
3. There is not yet a secure ordering. At the order instructions I am asking the customers to send their credit card details by e-mail or fax. Until now more than 90% of the submission of card details arrives by fax. I guess many people are afraid to trust their card number to the e-mail.
Actually I have not yet studied the ins and outs of secure ordering systems. Do you have recomendations? (Please note that I am still using a 486 PC and WIN 3.11).
4. I am very much interested to cooperate with regards to translations. That will be of mutual benefit. Next sunday (September 13) I am starting my trip to our little factory in the Philippines. During that 6 weeks I will have much more time than here in Hamburg. In our factory we have also internet and e-mail: tigaon@mozcom.com

Thanks again for your help,
PS: Andrew, I couldn't understand in what Ship-in-Bottle you are interested. Please let me know!

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