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Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.?
From Pat Escalante at Swope Toyota on 09 September '98
adding to big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.? posted by Jochen Binikowski

You have wonderful content. Traffic will increase your site sales.
There are a few visability problems but if someone is truly interested
in this type of product they will dig a bit deeper than someone who
has a passing interest. The content is all there it just needs better
visability. I viewed with an 800 by 600 res and could barely see some
things. I then went back and viewed with a higher res and it got worse.
A few brief points. You have a lot of h5 tags with big font tags?
H1 is largest heading with most importance in some search engines. H2 is
smaller than h1 and in some search engines has smaller importance and
so on and so on. I also found that for each page my first 100 words as
the appear in my html file are the most important. (free sites with
banner ads really screw this up in some search engines)
I also saw some small tags that perhaps should be left to the viewers
browser default for their comfort in reading. re: traffic, search engines
are not the only thing that will bring traffic to your site. I get
involved with online communities that deal with my sites. I think there
are probably many ship in a bottle enthusiasts as well as those who
have a marina type decor. Actually involvement in communities on the
net leads to sales. I have another site(my passion) that deals with dogs
I have in my sig. file the swope toyota link as well
as the dog chats link. I have had sales
from my sig file through my involvement with dogs enthusiasts online.
Anyway, I hope this helps. I really like to visit sites where the
content is all there and I think you did a marvelous job.

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