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Yahoo Sucks, see thread from May "Yahoo Sucks"
From Zenbeer at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken Behavior on 10 September '98 at 07:20
adding to Re: See previous thread entitled "problems getting onto yahoo" posted by Clare on 27 May '98 at 16:44

Once again, we are discussing a favorite subject of mine, why yahoo sucks.

I switched from FP98 to Dreamweaver 3 months ago hoping to solve the problem with
BAD HTML prevented spidering of my sites, and found the results promising, but still
yahoo deems itself "too high and mighty" to admit any of my sites pages.... In fact,
when doing a search for my site (keyword "zenbeer") I found my old reply from the thread
to this message board entitled "Yahoo sucks", including 3 other guestbook listings from
the last year from other webpages.

I created an entirely new section to my site for Quake2 (yeah, I know there are a GAZILLION
sites for Quake2 out there) and found the add URL feature to be frustrating and completely useless
in catagorizing a section of the site under a new subhead.

HOWEVER! I did notice that under drinking games on HOTBOT I appeared in the top 10 sites listed
for about a month, and then disappeared from the list forever.

Hey Jim, what do you think of periodically resubmitting a URL to search engines to make sure it stays current?


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