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Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.?
From zenbeer at Zenbeer's realm of drunken behavior on 10 September '98
adding to Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.? posted by Andrew

Download Web Graphics Optimizer 3.0 at http://www.tucows.com

Its for Win95 I'm afraid, but will optimize all your page
graphics, dither color pallets, and give you several options
in both JPEG and GIF format to see the best one for the page.

It also lists file size, and compression ratios.

I dont use it much, but others that I have suggested to like
using it as opposed to dithering the color pallet manually
in Paintshop Pro or another product.

Damn, I oughta be selling something on the web besides my
silly banter....expect big changes from zenbeer's site by january. :)


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