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Re: html tables (use percentages!!)
From Zenbeer at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken behavior on 10 September '98
adding to html tables posted by Darin

You should be expressing your tables with percentages so
they reformat for different fonts, resolutions, screen widths,
monitor sizes etc. I use NOTHING BUT TABLES all over my website,
go look at my main page and look at the table expressions:

Is the first line of my first table, it will format the table
to 63% of ANY screen that views it (and yes I've looked at it
on 13-14-15-17-21" monitors to prove this true).

Dreamweaver does this automatically since it requires a percentage
for each table you create, and can be adjusted manually in the
hardcore HTML editor (wordpad or default editor).

Didn't you know this? :)


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