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Not a damn thing you can legally do
From Zenbeer at Zenbeer's Realm of Drunken Behavior on 10 September '98
adding to Site theft posted by Dawn Freeman

Unfortunately I believe your legal recourse is none, UNLESS the following is true:

The models (if any) that model your lingerie are paid by your company, ie. on payroll,
then you can claim copyright infringements on use of those images on the copycat website.
Celebrity and XXX sites that own the rights to the photos often take down "fan sites" or
at the very least, require that the original location of the URL that the picture came
from is posted with that image.

Bear in mind, i didnt look at your site, maybe i should have to seen if you had any models. :)

Other than that, you may want to try sueing for violation of what is called:
"Intangible Intellectual Property", but this a vague subhead for websites, it
usually refers to software ripoffs. To date, I dont know of any sites that have
copied other sites that were legally taken down (my fomer boss ripped off a term paper
site word for word, including the papers and prices, and resold them...but with little success
since the termpapers sucked in content and spelling :) )

Good Luck, and keep us informed.


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