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Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.?
From kudeck on 10 September '98
adding to Re: big site content, but no scripts, gimmicks etc.? posted by Jochen Binikowski

Wow, I'm really getting pulled into this one. But again, I think your product is good...

1. You hit the thumbnail issue right on the head. My thoughts... I try to limit my thumbnails to 20-25 per page. I then set up multiple pages. If the first page interests the viewer, they'll gladly go to the next page. Although I haven't tried, compression programs (Ulead) seem to be very useful. If you do some surfing and researching you may be able to get somewhere with that. My main philosophy, however, is to set up a GOOD, intuitive navagation system so the user knows what's coming. Someone who is really interested in buying will not mind waiting for ~200KB to download. I'd rather wait for the download than click back-and-forth, back-and-forth,...

2. Some suggestions for your navigation bar... Expand your category heading just a bit (i.e. change 'Ships-in-Bottles (SiB):' to 'Ships-in-Bottle Categories:') Then, ditch the SIB on each button (redundant) and drop the metrics (too detailed). You'll be left with simple buttons which say... Miniatures, Small, ... Make sense?

3. Regarding secure ordering... First off, where do you host your site? I'm guessing you do not have your own server. Many hosts offer access to a secure server, as do many other sites specializing in secure processing. Once you get that set up, you create a page at the secure site with a form to accept pertinent data, and you're off... (It's a touch more complicated, but that's the basic jist and should get you started.)

4. I'm a month or two away from pursuing a German translation in full force, but I'm glad your interested. I'll keep your email and stay in touch.

Over and out!

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